Track Work Progressing North of Milford

Track work is progressing north from Milford with many defects having been corrected.  Most of the work is being accomplished using machines which allows volunteers to do more work with less effort.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have been helping repair the track.  We are making great progress towards the defects that need to be addressed.  In fact a few miles of track are now free of defects and are now ready for the train to run over them.  The train is now able to run as far as the Cooperstown Dreams Park.   Special thanks to Wade Barney of Barney & Sons Well Drilling who donated the use of a skid steer during this event.  By no means is all the track work done, but we are off to a great start.  Please come out and lend a hand and help us get the train running back up to Cooperstown. (July/August 2012) Photos by Bruce Hodges and Dale Rooney

The Board of Directors meets to review progress on track work.
Volunteers put the hi-rail truck on the rails at Milford.


Volunteers scout and mark defects.
Volunteers use the backhoe to remove bad ties.


New ties are distributed using the tie crane.
The tie trench is cleared to allow for a new tie to be inserted.


With the help of a ground man a new tie is inserted using the tie inserter.
Volunteers gauge, nip, and spike the track


A defect in a rail is cut out using a rail saw.
The piece of defect rail is replaced.