Farm Crossing Replaced

The need to replace a piece of rail cited with a defect led to the entire replacement of a farm crossing just north of the Milford yard.  It is unknown the last time the crossing was renewed but it was a long time before the LRHS began operating the CACV in 1999.  Thanks to everyone who came out and lent a hand in accomplishing this project.  Special thanks to neighbor Larry Curry who volunteered the use of his dump truck to bring in a load of ballast to the work site. (August 2012) Photos by Dale Rooney.

Members Judy Wilfeard and Rae Ann Clark assist President Bruce Hodges in gauging the rails before they are spiked.

CMO Chris Lord is seen removing the rails from the crossing using the backhoe.

The backhoe was then used to “nip” the ties up tight to the rail so they could be spiked

With the old crossing removed, new ties and rail were laid by volunteers.

Volunteers spread ballast.

Neighbor Larry Curry donated some time and volunteered his dump truck to bring in a load of ballast.

The ties are then tamped using the Fairmont Tamper.

More ballast was dumped using member Paul Sternitzke’s O&W dump cart.

The New Farm Crossing.